Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Right Wing Hates the Military

They always have, you know, but they kept it sublimated as long as the mindless cannon-fodder were willingly, blindly laying down their lives in the cause of Empire.

But let's not forget that Ann "Thrax" Coulter, a number of years back, told a disabled Marine Vietnam vet that people like him lost that war.

Now, with the military bogged down in an unseemly fashion in Iraq, it has to be their fault. Their fault that the casualty numbers keep rising, their fault that they are being killed to the tune of several a day.

"Sneering Jack" John Cole, over at the aptly-named wingnut blog Balloon Juice, says that it's Casey Sheehan's fault for getting killed, that a soldier's main duty is to stay alive, and it was dereliction of that duty to get himself killed. He stops just short of calling for a post-mortem Article 15 against Casey. (Look it up yourself if you are so inclined -- I won't give the motherfucker a trackable link.)

Yeah, like that shitface assbreath would know the first thing about it. Like he was ever in uniform defending his country. Like he knows what it's like to have a mortar attack landing all around you. Like he knows what it's like to have your convoy ambushed from a dense jungle. Asshole.

And don't forget Windbag Rushbotomy calling Paul Hackett a "staff puke".

The severely disabled are being called slackers and fakers. The VA is going to review every case of PTSD to weed out the undeserving and the "welfare bums", and disabled vets are dismissively marginalized if they don't have the right wounds, or if they got them in the wrong way. Every Purple Heart veteran was mocked by those chickenhawk motherfuckers at the Repugnican Thug convention with their oh-so-precious purple band-aids.

We saw it all in the last year's election follies, and it should have been a wakeup call for us then.

The list of verbal atrocities against veterans continues to grow, people, and you can watch for new examples. We're rapidly going back to the days of blaming the warrior for the fact that the war is unwinnable.

We saw enough of that after Vietnam and I don't want to see any more of it now. If I hear one person within my earshot blame the troops for losing this war, I personally am going to kick some ass. I may belong to Veterans for Peace, but I am not a pacifist. I may be 60 years old, but I think I can still do a little stomping.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post. I agree that the right will start making the warrior the scapegoat.

My friend works for the VA and it breaks his heart to hear that they're being ordered by this WH administration to review PTSD claims, it does. They are marginalizing and stigmatizing veterans with PTSD. To hear these fucks say "we support the troops" makes me want to hurl my chow. Sadly this is only the beginning.

America: Please wake the fuck up!!!

Anonymous said...

I was afraid this would happen(AGAIN)! This war could not be won from the start and those "Dick heads" in Washington knew it.