Thursday, August 11, 2005

Seven Days in May?

Okay, I'm not much given to tinfoil hat crap, but this one has me thinking, if only because the reporter is one that I like and I trust.

Greg Szymanski reported -- and it's being talked about here-- that General Kevin Byrnes was fired not for an "inappropriate relationship" with a female, but actually because he was in the process of organizing a coup against the neocons before they went the distance and nuked Iran.

To make matters worse, the bastards were going to explode a nuclear warhead in South Carolina as coverup and justification for all-out war. This was going to occur during a drill. Like the drills that coincidentally occurred on 9/11 on the US East Coast and again on 7/11 in London.

If only one-third of all of this has some basis in reality, we are in deep-shit trouble.

Seven Days in May. Indeed.

Watch the skies.