Sunday, August 28, 2005

What's Next, Cannibalizing Their Own Children?

Jesus, what a weird day in Crawford. The wingnuts can't even get their shit straight long enough to stage a successful counter-protest.

According to a story on the Waco Tribune website, a self-described Vietnam vet carrying an inflammatory sign calling Cindy Sheehan a bitch was confronted by someone from, of all places, the Free Republic. Words were exchanged, the crowd pressed in, and a kick was thrown. It didn't connect, but it was sufficient for the veteran to be arrested on assault charges.

Who do these fuckers think they are, Democrats? Repugnicans aren't supposed to fight among themselves like this.

I guess this shows how desperate the Thug Repugs were to have a counter-demonstration. They pretty much took anyone who was breathing and sober enough to stagger, but then they turn around and tell them they can't practice "free speech" at their free speech rally.

Jesus, people, can it get any more surreal?

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merlallen said...

How about when the move america forward wingnuts attacked the protest warrior chicken hawks? haha, that was funny.