Sunday, August 21, 2005

Senator Chuck Hagel Gets It -- Which Means He's Gonna "Get It"...

He might be a Republican, but he's also a Vietnam vet. In a CNN story Thursday, he says, among other things, that the US is getting more and more bogged down in Iraq, the Bush Maladministration is disconnected from reality and is losing the war, and that Baby Doc should meet with Cindy Sheehan.

If only there were more Republicans like Chuck Hagel. But there aren't, and there aren't likely to be as long as the cynical manipulating Mayberry Machaivellis are in charge of The Party.

Watch for the subtle -- and not so subtle -- attacks and steady marginalization of Chuck Hagel to begin. Anyone who gets this far out of lockstep with The Party is doomed. His punishment will serve as an object lesson for anyone else who has the balls to criticize The Chimperor, Baby Doc.

Chuck, come on over to the Democrats. We'll welcome you with open arms, and we'll listen to you as well. More than I can say for members of your own party.


Anonymous said...

Chucky gets it. The repukes will start to rip him just like the other Vietnam vets or anyone who opposes their sick agenda.

Anonymous said...

Of course Senator Hagel gets it. He was an 11B40 with the 9thID in Viet Nam. All of the grunts from that war get it -- even if they won't admit it.