Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A Double Disaster

Jesus, can it get any worse: New Orleans is under 20 feet of water, 3,000 members of the Louisiana National Guard are in Iraq, and martial law has been declared.

There just aren't enough Guardsmen left in Louisiana to carry out their primary mission, taking care of Louisiana.

Fortunately there is a ready and willing group of volunteers who wait only to be asked. The are the Louisiana Young Republican Freedom Fighters. Maybe they are too chickenshit to go to Iraq and fight the war that their Fearless Leader has forced on the rest of us, but I don't think they are too cowardly to join the Louisiana National Guard today and help out with the worst storm ever to hit Louisiana.

Give a call to Stephen M. Gele, the Chairman, of the LYRF, at (504) 237-6399 or email Ellen Wray of the Louisiana Republican Party at ellen@lagop.com -- ask them to enlist and to encourage all of their followers to enlist in the Louisiana National Guard and show the rest of us that they are not the ass-yapping chickenhawks that we think they are.

We might be surprised.

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Anonymous said...

Well isn't that just too much. 3,000 in Iraq? I just read a reuters article that said they were going to deploy 30,000 national guard and 3,000 army. Why didn't they send the 3,000 army lifers to Iraq instead of the 3,000 national guard?

I also read congress will meet thursday or friday to pass emergency bills for relief and aid.

So, it is how many days past the storm? New Orleans was supposed to be prepared and had practice last year and had extensive planning. I guess this did not include getting any help from the Feds?

Maybe we should all go on vacation for a week and let more people FUCKING DIE WHILE CONGRESS DECIDES TO MEET? JESUS FUCKING CHRIST WE DID NOT WAIT FOR CONGRESS TO MEET SO WE could go to war in IRAQ. BUSH just made it happen, why the fuck can't he help out one state? I bet the flying over in air force one was not a good enough view for the shrub to realize it was a disaster. He should try walking around in it!!!