Friday, August 05, 2005

Breaking News: Birth Control Users WON'T Go to Hell -- Loophole Discovered!

It took no less than Pope Ratzo's new right-hand man to come up with this one.

A while back, a young woman in Portland, Oregon, a church worker and member of the Catholic Church, had an affair with a young seminarian. She got pregnant, he went on to become a priest.

Right now you're saying, "Well, Jeez, at least he was doing it with a girl"... But wait for the rest of the story.

When she sued the archdiocese of Portland for child support, the novel defense that the church presented was this: She was an adult able to make her own decisions and she engaged in unprotected sex with the young man, knowing that it could result in pregnancy.

Unprotected sex???

Last I heard the dead Pope-guy and his Nazi-sympathizing successor both held that the use of birth control is a sin.

A sin!!! Got that? A FUCKING SIN!!!

And the Catholic legal eagle who came up with this load of horseshit? None other than the fearless leader of the Portland archdiocese himself, Archbiship William Levada.

Who has now been elevated to chief of the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith. Doctrine of Faith!!

BTW, that was Ratzo's old job before he got that smoky call to the top of the heap.

Jesus wept.


Anonymous said...

Evil gets its rewards, maybe the entire church will go bankrupt. Or maybe the victims will organize a witch, I mean PREIST dunking part and partice what was preached?

Sorry buddy but this is more ROVE SMOKE SCREEN

Why? Cause rove will take everybody with him.

Anonymous said...

Great take on the whole mess. Interesting, a Colorado court (where the order of the priest, who fathered the child has its HQ)denied the woman's request for additional child support. But, the religious order decided, out of some guilty sense of decency, to up the child's support payments.

Thanks for the link. I like your stuff. Not so much the cat blogging. I haven't quite figured out where that comes from.


Farnsworth68 said...

Thanks. You have a great blog -- I try to read it every day.
The Cat Blogging first showed up on Eschaton, but a little Googling showed that it's kind of an "in" thing among liberal/progressive bloggers. I don't really know why myself, but there it is.
Besides, I think it breaks up the monontony of nothing but political posts, gives me something I can always post on Fridays even if there's no news (yeah, like that's ever gonna happen) and besides that, the cats are just so goddam cute...