Monday, August 08, 2005

Only a Republican Would Rejoice Over Dead Children

Over on Bartcop, some rightwing asshole posted the following:

Subject: Two Okla. Children Die of Rare Infection

Any Chance these were your kids?
I hope so, so I can celebrate if there are 2 dead liberals.
Bart's response: "No, those kids were most likely Republican children. Oklahoma is almost all Republican."

The story, BTW, is here -- two Tulsa boys, 7 and 9 contracted a "pond scum" bacteria swimming in stagnant water and died from it.

Bartcop's correspondent is some Repugnican mouth-breather named Larry Richards,, so here's the email I sent him.

Dead Children?

I really do hope you are a Christian, Larry (like there was really any doubt, if you know what I mean -- no one else could possibly be THAT judgmental and hypocritical and nasty and mean and evil).
Since I'm a born-again card-carrying Jesus-cursing Bible-denying divinity-mocking atheist, I won't get to see you kneeling before the Throne of God, trying to explain why you were so fucking HAPPY to think that two innocent children who are dead from a rare infection were the offspring of a LIBERAL.
Yeah, I really do want to hear that "guilty with an explanation" speech. Too bad I'm gonna miss it.
You are one fucking pathetic loser, my friend. Fortunately for me, I can be judgmental of you without fear of Holy Retribution, since I don't even pretend (unlike you, you fucking hypocrite) to believe in a Bible that has as one of its basic Christian tenets, "Judge not lest ye be so judged."
Too fucking bad for you, asshole, when you're up there at The Throne. When you find out that God is a Black Lesbian Transvestite from Transylvania, you are gonna be quaking in your boots, shitting in your pants, and grasping for your half-inch piss-dribbling dick with both hands while at the same time trying to figure out how to change that voter registration card from "Repugnican Thug" to "Liberal Democrat" (who will be the real inheritors of Heaven, BTW).
Too bad. By that time it'll be too late. You will be on the Down Escalator to a place where you won't need your cardigan to stay warm.
So Larry, how would you like it if someone said they hoped YOUR kids were dead? Hmm? Would YOU like that? (I'm goin' for a little "Golden Rule" therapy here, Larry, in case you didn't recognize it...which you didn't, of course.)
But Jeez, Larry, now that I think about it, I guess that's not really possible, since you can't even find that little half-inch dick of yours, and even if you could you'd be hard pressed to convince some desperately ugly Republican skank to let you try to stick it in her. If you could find the right hole (always questionable with you Repugs, Larry -- like I need to tell YOU that, eh buddy?), you Republican-puke neocon child-molesting pus-oozing invective-drooling mouth-breathing borderline-moron semi-human Nazi motherfucker.
But there I go, being redundant again.
I'll bet YOUR mother is really proud of HER little boy, isn't she?
BTW, Larry, I have my own left-wing blog and this email will be posted on it by sunup tomorrow.
Drop on by and post a rebuttal. I'd like nothing more than to skewer your sorry ass in a public forum, you coward, you loser, you acne-faced pimple-assed adolescent scumbag.
So we'll see if the chickenshit motherfucker drops by. I can't wait.

And yes, I know that I didn't tell him the actual URL of One Pissed Off Veteran. If he's so fundamentally conceptualization-impaired that he can't even figure out how to Google his way here, then I don't want to have a battle of wits with him -- I refuse to fight an unarmed man.

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Anonymous said...

Well, Now, You must remember the faith of the disarmed person you speak of. This person void of mental wit does not see the world the way you do. You see life an opportunity, but the religious see life as a waste of FUCKING TIME. So for someone to die young, in particularly, would be a great blessing. To miss life and its joys, never to have children and grandchildren is a good thing in some strange and sick twisted way to these unintelligent design mother fuckers.

You mistake a blessing for something more along the ways of truth. You probably do not stay the course either.