Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Breaking News: The "Watergate Moment" We've All Been Waiting For

Chicago Grand Jury Indicts Bush and Others for Perjury and Obstruction of Justice.

According to this story by Greg Szymanski on the Arctic Beacon website, the grand jury handed down indictments, but of course nobody is saying anything on the record. Read the story and see for yourself.

A notable comment from the whistleblower who is the major source of the article: Colin Powell testified that the Chimperor had taken the U.S. to war illegally based on lies.

Which, under the U.S. Code, is a capital crime involving treason.

Maybe now would be a good time to start looking into booking a suitably large facility for that Impeachment Party we've dreamed about.

And maybe now Baby Doc will know what Karla Faye Tucker felt like just before that plunger entered her vein with that lethal cocktail. At least she didn't have to hear, "Oh, please don't kill me," from Chief Texecutioner Shrubby Bush, simpering in mockery after her state-sponsored murder.

And to show you this was not made up out of thin air by the SCLM, this little item was reported out of an interview Preznit Handjerk gave to Tucker "I'm-NOT-Gay-and-stop-saying-that-I-am" Carlson, failed television personality and unofficial spokesmonkey for the Neo-Nazi Thuglican Party, and who always manages incredibly to look prissy and drag his knuckles at the same time.

So...Let's see how you feel in the same circumstances, little Georgie.

Oh, and BTW...the fucking liar was at it even then. A transcript of that famous Larry King episode that Bush was talking about: Karla Faye NEVER asked for leniency or clemency.

What a fucking serial liar -- he even lies to his own kind -- and yet the Moron-American voting bloc voted en masse for the bastard.

Well, let's see what you have to say when the motherfucker is in the prisoner's dock, convicted of a capital crime against them.