Sunday, August 28, 2005

Is Bush al-Qaeda's "Useful Idiot"?

Robert Parry over at is consistently right on with his commentary, and this one is no exception. Definitely a must-read.

Parry says that contrary to his public pronouncements, Bush has done pretty much everything that Osama bin Laden has asked him to do -- he is a "useful idiot" who thinks he's accomplishing one goal when he's actually being led around by a string through his nose to accomplish another.

Parry also has the most cogent argument for withdrawal from Iraq:

Without the American presence to incite young Muslims to strap on suicide belts, the foreign terrorist operations in Iraq might shrivel. Even the Iraqi Sunnis, whose anti-American interests now overlap with those of the foreign jihadists, might have little stomach for the civilian-butchering jihadists if the Americans were gone. The Sunnis might well revert to Hussein’s approach of ruthlessly repressing Islamic extremists.

In other words, as odd as it might seem, an American withdrawal could actually contribute to the precise result that is now the chief U.S. policy goal, preventing Iraq from becoming a haven for terrorists.
Say no more. Out now. End of story.


merlallen said...

It's funny how no one mentions Bush's caving into Osama's demand to get out of Saudi Arabia

Anonymous said...

that aint funny, what is funny is the email I got from Ralph Nader where he points out that the democrats could have tried to stop shrub boy, could start impeachment procedings, could do a lot of things but do nothing to stop the war. As the link Farnsworht was so kind to provide also stated the deomcrats are doing nothing to oppose the war, or shrub boy.

Does nobody in the deomcratic party write letters to their reps about Iraq and getting out?