Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Larry Northern --Whacko Member of the KKK or Just Another Redneck Texas Knuckledragger?

Okay, maybe he's not a card-carrying member of the KKK, but his actions Monday night were right up there with the brazen behavior of David Duke and his fellow Klavens of the Klan.

Larry Northern -- whose sympathies are no doubt in conflict with his name-- 46, of Waco (I believe that's actually pronounced Way-ko, not Wack-o, although that may change now...) drove his beater pickup truck over a bunch of crosses set up to represent the Americans killed in Iraq. This happened at Camp Casey, outside the Baby Doc Playpen in Crawford, Texas.

In addition to the crosses, there were a bunch of American flags that were mowed down. Ground into the dirt under the scummy wheels of Larry's Hunnert-Percent-Amurrican Truck. American flags. Yeah, that's really showing some respect, that is.

I don't know anything about this whacked out asshole, but I am willing to bet good money that he was never in the military -- unless you can count those Kool KKK uniforms, all white, peaked hats, reeeally Kool.

Nevertheless, I am sure the redstate morons are all tickled pink about this wanton act of irresponsible vandalism.

Incidentally, these would be the very same assholes who would be in favor of a constitutional amendment to prohibit desecration of the flag.

I guess driving over them with a skanky-ass redneck Texas pickup truck and grinding them into the red Texas dirt under those nasty BF Goodriches doesn't really count as desecration. God forbid the motherfucker would have torched them as well. But I guess the knuckledraggers, the Rethug morons down in Texas make a distinction that is lost on those of us in the reality-based part of the nation: Burn crosses, trample flags.

Yeah, I don't get it either, but there it is. So how many of you redstate Moron-American voters would be willing to apply the flag desecration laws to our good buddy Larry, had this happened after the passage of that Draconian amendment?

Silence out there? Yeah, that's what I thought. Assholes.


Anonymous said...

Rove? Is that you?

It makes you wonder sometimes if these people arent hired to show the world how stupid...

Rove? R O V E ??? Does he have a job still?

Anonymous said...

Wow, does anyone still believe the crap that spews out of Limbaugh's mouth?? Sounds like he's popping the pills again.

LQ at http://www.bluebus.org

Anonymous said...

not all Texans agree with that dildo, in fact less and less everyday. It takes a coward to do what that man did in his beater, but then again, look at his glorious leader !!