Monday, August 15, 2005

Getting On With Your Life -- The "Single Testicle" Report

So Baby Doc wants to get on with his life, does he? The goddam lying hypocritical little bastard! Well, that little retarded motherfucker can go get fucked as far as I'm concerned.

Casey Sheehan wanted to get on with his life, too.

So did 1853 other Americans who died for the Bush lies in Iraq.

So did the 16 dead Americans in Vietnam from Midland, Texas, one of whom died in Baby Doc's place when he skated out of Vietnam into that cushy National Guard slot -- which he later deserted.

So did Terry Rodgers of Kennebec, Maine.

Instead, the week-kneed chickenshit went bicycle riding with Lance Armstrong.

That means that between the two of them, there was exactly one testicle.