Sunday, August 14, 2005

A NYT Must Read

Frank Rich in today's New York Times nails it: Someone Tell the President the War is Over


Within hours of that horrible trauma [i.e., 9-11], according to Richard Clarke's "Against All Enemies," Mr. Rumsfeld was proposing Iraq as a battlefield, not because the enemy that attacked America was there, but because it offered "better targets" than the shadowy terrorist redoubts of Afghanistan. It was easier to take out Saddam - and burnish Mr. Bush's credentials as a slam-dunk "war president," suitable for a "Top Gun" victory jig - than to shut down Al Qaeda and smoke out its leader "dead or alive."
Even Bush loyalists like Sen. George Allen (R-VA) have been urging Bush to offer Cindy Sheehan a little common courtesy and meet with her and go to Cleveland to mourn with the families of all those dead Marines from the same Reserve unit.

But no, the asshole is holed up in his pigfarm bunker down there in Ratfuck, Texas, on vacation from all that hard-work-presidentin' while the world is burning.

Why did you redstate morons vote for this asshole?
And are you happy about it now, motherfuckers?

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Anonymous said...

What a useless tool Bush is and has always been. The fact that a majority of people voted for this fraud makes me physically sick. The damage he and his gang are doing to this country is going to take a generation to clean up.