Monday, August 01, 2005

Get Over It

Cal Thomas, wingnut columnist and crackpot apologist for the American Taliban, wrote a scathing column this week on the return of Jane Fonda to the antiwar movement:

"While the major networks may practice their usual celebrity suck-up, cable television and talk radio are not about to give her a free pass. Look for Vietnam veterans still angry at "Hanoi Jane" to turn out along the bus route to protest her protest, then and now. It could get ugly."
Aside from that offhand gratuitous attack on the very SCLM that puts food on his family, Thomas suspiciously sounds to me like he's issuing some lightly veiled threats, the kind Guido, Knuckles and the rest of the boys used to speak out of the corners of their mouths down at the local canneloni palace: "Nice place ya got here... Be a real shame if anything happened to it, now wouldn't it?"

Oh, and Not-So-Silent Cal is also sitting in judgment of Jane's conversion to Christianity. Typically, sadly, predictably, for those on the right who call themselves Christian but who choose to exercise absolutely none of the Christian virtues. Cal Thomas and those of you among my fellow Vietnam veterans who are still blaming Jane Fonda for "losing the war", I say this: Get over it.

Jane did not lose the war for us. That was a war in which no remotely possible outcome would have ultimately achieved any realistic definition of victory for the United States.

Just get the fuck over it already.


Anonymous said...

Well said, Brother. It has been my experience that those most vociferous in condemning Jane Fonda were either REMFs or those who didn't show up at all.

merlallen said...

none of my vet brothers-in-law hated her and I'll believe them first. my father served 2 tours, I never heard him bad mouth her either.
My father in law was in Paris during the war, he doesn't like her. Like billd said, a REMF