Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Smoking Gun

Okay, kids, here's your pop quiz for today. Identify the following individuals: Jeff Gannon. Jeff Guckert.

Give up? Fooled ya. They're both the same person, the man-ho that managed to worm his way into the most secure building in the world, under an assumed name, acting as a reporter for a non-existent news agency, something called Talon News.

And he managed to weasel his way in like a naked trouser-snake covered in Vaseline not just once or twice but over 200 times.

Can you just fucking imagine the lynch mob that would have been whipped up by the Whore Media if this whole sordid tale had happened under Clinton's watch. Jesus.

But as fun as he is to skewer (metaphorically of course -- Farnsworth don't swing that way--not that there's anything wrong with that...), the real subject for today's lecture is Gannon's butt-buddy, Karl Rove.

Remember him? Mister Traitor himself? Well, the way the SCLM is ignoring him, this is the next time I expect to see him:

Karl Rove on a Milk Carton

But I suspect that little Karl is snuggled up with his Smoking Gun, Big Jeffy, who, don't let's forget, got his own hands dirtied with a National Security secret eyes-only memo that he wasn't supposed to have, either.

Now where do we suppose he got that?

"Smoking gun", indeed.

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merlallen said...

He got it from some closeted gay. Rove or maybe jeebus w. himself