Tuesday, August 23, 2005

What Was That Noble Cause Again?

Am I not understanding something?

Let's recapitulate:
· 1872 American lives lost
· 194 coalition forces lives lost
· Over 13,000 wounded, many severely
· Over 100,000 Iraqis killed
· $189 billion dollars and still counting

All of this, just so we could overthrow a secular government and replace it with an Islamic Koran-based theocracy? What the fuck happened to bringing freedom and democracy to the Middle East?

Is this the "noble cause" that Casey Sheehan died for?

Isn't there anyone in the Baby Doc Maladministration who is at all bothered by any of this?

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully, there are some in this corrupt, putrid, oozing pus out of their collective assholes administration, who are NOT IN SYNCH with this worthless piece of shit, so called, president. Hey, that felt good, and if I get hauled off to Gitmo tomorrow, I have two words. BUCK FUSH