Saturday, August 06, 2005

An Anniversary NOT to Celebrate

Lest we forget, today is the fourth anniversary of that fateful day in Crawford Texas when Kindasleazy Rice personally handed Preznit Handjob that now-infamous security briefing that said that Osama Bin Laden (remember him?) was planning to attack the United States.

Too bad the fucking moron never learned how to read. Maybe he would have read the briefing and done something about it, instead of getting caught on camera on 9-11, desperately trying to make sense out of My Pet Goat while the rest of the world was entering a conflagration.

I blame Laura. She's a fucking librarian, for christ sake. Why couldn't SHE teach the fucker to read? Why didn't Barbara Bush? Maybe she was too busy with her beautiful mind to pay any attention to her Fortunate Son.

Maybe the whole thing comes down to poor potty training. After all, would you want Barbara Bush to be responsible for your bladder control?