Thursday, August 04, 2005

A Stealth Mission

My pal Gus, who posts here a lot, came up a great idea.

Let's all go down and volunteer to be citizen participants on our local draft boards.

Even though the Smirking Chimp says there won't be a draft, the way his lips quiver when he talks about Iran make me think otherwise.

You know what I mean, he gets that certain look on his face, like a cop eyeing a jelly donut. Like a dried-out dipso who woke up in the middle of an open bar wedding reception for Nicole Richie. Like a child molester priest dropped into the middle of a class of naked altar boys.

If the right combination of stealthy progressives can get on enough local draft boards, then would we all be able to shout a collective "fuck you" to The Chimperor, VP Dickless, Runny Rummy and the rest of the boys when they issue a call for our share of the cannon fodder?

Interesting question. Anybody out there who can answer it?

1 Comment:

Fixer said...

. . . shout a collective "fuck you" . . . when they issue a call for our share of the cannon fodder?

It sounds good, but just say you had to induct these kids? Could you look a young man or woman in the eye and process them in, knowing what their fate would be? I think I'd rather go back in myself.