Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Right Wing Still Hates the Military

Paul Begala today over at TPM Cafe validates what I said the other day: The Right hates the military.

Check out what Paul says. Where I go over-the-top-balls-to-the-wall, he offers a more reasoned explanation:

It seems to me the American people never really forgave the Democrats for being right about Vietnam.

* * * *

For me, one of the most incendiary moments of the entire Bush war in Iraq occurred when a right-wing thug ran his pickup truck over hundreds of crosses bearing the names of heroic Americans killed in Iraq. He also took out scores of American flags in the process.
I'm fucking tired of those goddam chickenhawks parading around in their Support the Troops regalia, while in the meantime I've just learned that VP Dickless Crashcart is going to be addressing the Military Order of the Purple Heart. In a just society, in an ideal world, this would be literally impossible. I wonder if the chickenshit motherfucker is going to wear one of those 100% Repugnican Purple Heart bandaids. I wonder if he's going to talk about his "other priorities" that kept him out of Vietnam while 12 other men from Casper, Wyoming, died in Vietnam?

Yeah, I wouldn't bet on that either.