Monday, August 22, 2005

Michelle, You Are By Far Our Favorite Lying Racist Skank

In a shocking revelation, it turns out that Michelle Malkin, one of our very favorites here at OPOVet, is by all indications a lying weaselly flip-flopping skank.

A couple of years ago Little Michelle apparently saw which way the Repugnican bandwagon was drifting (hint: it was to the right, as always -- duh), and jumped on with a book called In Defense of Internment, wherein she argued that the WWII internment of Japanese-Americans was not only legal and authorized, but necessary and justified, as similar actions would be today if we decided to forcibly intern swarthy foreigners who look different, smell funny and dress oddly. Apparently that's her drift -- I haven't actually read the book and don't intend to.

Whoops, somebody better alert O'Reilly and Rushbotomy: Turns out that just two years earlier, in 2000, in one of her usual frothing-at-the-mouth I-hate-Bill-Clinton pieces, she argued against the upgrading of certain WWII medals to Medal of Honor for a number of Japanese-American combat veterans; the little loudmouth voicebox-attached-to-an-asshole actually said, "The government has apologized and provided cash compensation to victims who were forced into camps. There is no denying that what happened to Japanese-American internees was abhorrent and wrong." (Emphasis added.)

Huh? What happened to Little Michelle? Was she on the rag that day? Was she kidnapped by aliens and a clever substitute dropped in temporarily while she was up in the flying saucer undergoing that empathy-ectomy surgery?

And are Bill The Liar O'Reilly and Limbaugh The Perpetually Talking Penis going to nail her good for this egregious flip-flop and parade it naked around their little corner of the world like it was the Rosetta Stone of Conspiracy Validation, the way they've done to just about everyone on the left whose words they could actually read without help?

You know, somehow I really don't think that's gonna happen. Fucking hypocrite assholes.

Many thanks to the always-entertaining and always-right-on DC Media Girl for this one.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, I am not stalking you, lol. When I grew up in Los Angeles, I knew Japanese Americans whose families had their land stolen, and who were placed in camps. That land became Marina Del Rey, worth like a bazillion dollars now. Those people got SQUAT, worse than squat, they got interred. I kinda see the same thing happening here, bet the US powers that be start confiscating property owned by Muslims. Maybe that is farfetched. But the Senate did pass the Eminent Domain thing. Part of the good old Patriot Act. Hmm.