Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sunday Bush Humor

Mister X, our super-secret double-underground deep-throat correspondent from Midland, Texas, reports that once years ago he and the youthful Dubya motored on down to Padre Island for a little R&R.
When they get there, they decide to split up, go pick up some chicks, and meet back at the car in an hour.
So an hour goes by, Mister X meets Dubya as arranged.
"So what's up, Dubya? How ya doin' with the babes?"
"Man I dunno," Dubya says. "No matter what I do, they won't have anything to do with me. What's wrong?"
"Well..." X says, a little reluctantly. "Maybe it's them Speedos you got on. Don't hide nothin', you know what I mean."
"Don't hide nothin'. You know," X points down at Dubya's crotch. "You ain't what we call well-endowed down there, son."
"Awww, Mommy told me I shouldn't wear these. Dammit. Now what?"
"Son, you just leave it to me. You get yourself a potato and stuff it down them Speedos, your problem is solved."
"A potato? Just like that?"
"Yep, just like that."
So they split up and agree to meet back at the car in another hour.
Dubya comes shuffling up, his head down, kicking sand.
"Whassa matter, boy?" X asks him.
"Awww, they still won't have anything to do with me. They even run away from me. What am I doing wrong?"
X surveys the scene.
"It's the potato, son."
"The potato? What about it? I put it down my Speedos like you said."
"Well, maybe you oughta try puttin' it down the front next time."

This is a true story, according to Mister X.

And I guess Dubya finally learned his lesson, as this picture shows:

And while we're on the subject of Dubya Crotch Shots, here's the classic Bush Shirtwiener:

Okay, I might have enhanced it, just a little...