Saturday, August 20, 2005

Why We "Heart" General J. C. Christian

Over at one of my favorite blogs, The Yellow Elephant, The General calls on the oddly racist concentration-camp-champion Michelle Malkin, a voicebox connected to an asshole, to shut the fuck up and just enlist.

She certainly has the lungs to yell out that cadence and the passion to bring to bear on to the slaughter of the insurgent enemy, many of whom, curiously, look something like her.

She's only 35, and consequently she is eligible to enlist. Such a sturdy and steadfast supporter of the Iraq War is really missing out on the exciting action. I am concerned that she will, in 20 years or so, be crestfallen, heartbroken that she neglected to enlist and do her patiotic duty. She will be like all those Vietnam War draft dodgers, huddled in silent masses at the street corners, hands out for a pittance in spare change, surly negative and bitter about the fact that she never made it to the front lines to kill a raghead for christ. Poor Michelle. As you can see, I am quite concerned about the little bitch.

The General wrote a very touching letter to Michelle. I suggest that we all do the same. Maybe if she actually can see how many real war veterans are encouraging her to be all she can be, perhaps she will change her mind and do the right thing.

And while we're on the subject, be sure to check out the Special Ops Caucus Orders page on The Yellow Elephant. All of the individuals listed are members of congress who are under the age of 42 and support the war. Let's all write to them and give them our permission to represent us, the veterans of the United States, in Iraq.

I'm sure that all of these fine individuals are worthy citizens and patriotic members of society. As such they ought to jump at the chance to enlist and serve their country. All they need, all they are waiting for, is for someone to ask them.

Yeah, that's it. For sure. It couldn't possibly be that they are all chickenhawk assholes, could it?