Friday, August 26, 2005

Friday Song Parody

(To the tune of Rocky Top)
© 2005 Dennis Mansker

Once there was a war in Vietnam
Draftees couldn't say no.
But there was a bunch of chickenhawks
Who didn't have to go.

Chickenhawks you'll always be
A bunch of cowards to me.
We all went off to Vietnam,
While you avoided duty.

Dubya's daddy was a big shot politico,
Got him in the National Guard.
Little Dubya even deserted that.
Guess the guardin's too hard.

Chickenhawks like L'il Georgie,
Really anger me,
When they could have gone to Vietnam,
Stayed behind with Jody.

Student deferments helped Dick Cheney
Avoid the military.
Then he found that sex could help him out,
He made a dyke baby.

Chickenhawks like Dick Cheney,
Really cowardly.
When he could have gone to Vietnam,
Had other priorities.

The chickenhawks are now in charge of things,
Screwed things up by far.
Nothin' left but go an' have a drink,
I'll be in the bar.

Chickenhawks, you'll always be
A bunch of cowards to me.
If I get the chance I'm gonna make
Chickenhawk fricassee,
Chickenhawk fricassee.

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Anonymous said...

Like the song. Keep up the good work. Thanks