Saturday, August 06, 2005

O'Reilly: Fuck You, McCain -- You Don't Know Shit About Torture

In a bizarre twist last week, Bill "The Liar" O'Reilly lectured, of all people, John McCain on the effectiveness of torture:

O'Reilly: "Cheney doesn't want any restrictions on the detainee interrogations. OK? And he's adamant about it."
. . .
McCain: "Don't think that you get anything out of torture, Bill, because you don't. And I know that for a fact."
. . .
O'Reilly: "But I think that coerced interrogation, the Bagram guys tell me it works. It's just a matter of degree..."
Read the full transcript of the interview and come away shaking your head.

And they let people like this have their own radio shows. They let them walk around in public. They let them breathe our air.

Jesus, what a world.