Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Bush Finally Appears at Hitler Youth Rally Boy Scout Jamboree

Bush finally spoke on Monday after leaving the scouts standing in the sun for several hours two days earlier.

The future leaders of Amerika were in attendance. Here is their photo, greeting Fearless Leader as he descended from the clouds in his white airplane -- I mean, his Marine One helicopter...

On their previous day of thwarted expectations, a large number of them passed out from severe heat exhaustion, and this was compounded by the tragic fact that a group of scout leaders got electrocuted trying to set up a tent. This year's jamboree was notable chiefly because for the ten days of the encampment, the death rate at Fort A.P Hill rivaled that of Baghdad.

"Good trainin' for 'em when they go to Eye-rack," the president did not say while smirking up his sleeve. "And did I mention that presidentin's hard work?"

After my previous post, everyone pretty much knows how I feel about the Boy Scouts, so I won't belabor that point again.

Except to say that it is not a coincidence that the jamboree was held at an Army fort in Northern Virginia. The organization is set up on a para-fascist quasi-military Hitler-youth-like basis for a good reason -- it is both a training ground and a recruitment system for the military, and I have actively discouraged my grandsons from becoming involved.


Anonymous said...

How much did this event cost us besides the body counts? Did we spend more also? $8,000,000 in how many days?

I wonder how many teachers we could have hired with $8,000,000.

Anonymous said...

Who? what was that guys name? Rove... Rover Jones? Rove Smith?

Very sad what happened to the scouts and it is incredible that it did happen at all. My heart goes to all, I wish to understand why this had to happen after spending so much money on the event.