Wednesday, June 05, 2013

I Didn't Mean to Leave You All Hanging...

Jeez, I guess it's been more than a little time off. I really expected to be back before now.

But I'm still not back. I have some kind of weird-ass eye problem that makes things blurry, to the point that I can't read (figures -- the one single enjoyment that has been with me consistently for the past 65 years...), so I've been off the computer for the most part. Except of course for certain websites that don't require a whole lot of "reading"... (Sarge, I'm looking at you.)

I've been hassling with my eye doctor for the last six weeks or so, and she keeps telling me that it's no big deal, natural part of the aging process, dry eyes, blah blah blah.

I keep telling her that she's wrong, of course. Even though I got my medical degree from watching St. Elsewhere and General Hospital, I know that this isn't normal.

So anyway, I'm still taking some more time off. Thanks to all of you who posted or emailed me to see if I was okay. Yes, I think I am, but I'd rather be better than just "okay". Or at least better than this level of just "okay"...

--The F Man