Thursday, August 11, 2005

You Want Some Fries With That Pork?

At a time when Veterans Hospitals are scrambling for enough money to buy band-aids, Baby Doc signed a Transportation Bill that is so laden down with pork lard that a cardiac surgeon would be putting it on life support.

Hidden among the extremely necessary funds to improve road infrastructure and reduce congestion are such things as $2.3 million for the beautification of the Ronald Reagan Freeway in California; $6 million for graffiti elimination in New York; nearly $4 million on the National Packard Museum in Warren, Ohio, and the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Mich.; $2.4 million on a Red River National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center in Louisiana; and $1.2 million to install lighting and steps and to equip an interpretative facility at the Blue Ridge Music Center.

What the fuck most of this has to do with transportation is beyond me. A total of $24 billion in so-called "member request" spending is in the bill -- and almost every case of "member request" spending is directly translatable into PORK. And yeah, I know that one person's pork is another person's absolute necessity, but give me a break. If it has nothing to do with Transportation then it doesn't belong in a transportation bill.

The Congress, with the enabling approval of the White House, is blowing money it doesn't have like a drunken sailor fresh off the boat in Manila.

Oh, and the very person who accused Kerry of being a flip-flopper, The Shrub himself, has reversed his own position on pork. Just three years ago the fucker railed against pork spending, and even included a color photo of a wind-powered ice sled as an example of the kind of pork that he wouldn't tolerate.

What a lying asshole. You people who voted for him, you deserve everything you're gonna get as a result of the corrupt bastard and his criminal conspiracy to fleece the workers of this country out of their money. Just as long as Adam and Steve can't get married, you are willing to live in abject poverty as landless serfs in thrall to the king.

And you deserve it, you motherfuckers.


Anonymous said...

Ok, You are very good at pointing out what the RED STATES GOT FOR PROSTUTING themselves to the REPUBLICAN THUGS. What did the blue states get? What did your state get in the way of PORK? Another tug to protect a straight that has never had an oil spill? Wait, that almost sounds like a good transportation project...

Well what is it the greedy blue bums added, I heard there was over 64 pork amendments that means at least one for every state.

WOW good thing your elected person has no concept of math. They give the feds billions of dollars a year to get back a few million.

We all deserve what the 25% of this populatoin votes. At least until more people vote.

Farnsworth68 said...

I don't think I made a distinction -- I didn't even think about the redstate-bluestate divide.
But there's plenty of bluestate pork to go around, too. Just take a look at WV over the years. Byrd has been the King of Pork.
I remember driving through rural WV a few years back on the Robert Byrd Expressway, and we met a car once every five minutes, if that. On a four-lane new highway.
So yeah, there's plenty of blame all over. But in a sense, who can really blame the fuckers? They are in office at the pleasure of their constituents, and if they DON'T bring home the bacon (i.e., act in the public good rather than for the parochial interests of their own small corner of the universe), they won't be around long, given the corrupt -- and corrupting -- system that we do have.
All that aside, the fuckers need to think about the veterans and their needs BEFORE they think about new steps for a goddam music center.

captainscotty said...

Harsh but true...They lie there way in...spin the truth and only a popular uprising ala the 60`s in 2006 will stop this...

To bad so many Americans will die before they are voted out!