Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Iraq Death Toll Passes 1800

There have now been 1806 Iraq War casualty deaths. This figure does not include those who were medevacked out and died later, nor does it include those who came home and died as the result of PTSD stress after they got here (suicides, shot by police, spouses, etc.).

Seventeen more were killed in just the last three days!!!

Does this look to you like the Bush Misadministration has things under control in Iraq? Does it look like the insurgency is in its last throes, as VP Dickless Crashcart so maladroitly put it?

How long will it be until the death toll in the Iraq "struggle" tops 2,000?

How about 20,000? Do we really want to know the answer to that question?

Bring the troops home. Bring them home now. Not one more American life, not one more Iraqi life, is worth the fucking business deal that Bush and his handlers in the Carlyle Group, the Saudi Royal Family and the rest of the Bush Family Evil Empire have put together using the blood of our children, our brothers and sisters.

Get them home and impeach the whole sorry lot of the motherfuckers who sent them in there in the first place.

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Anonymous said...

I understand. We don't agree with how this war has been handled. I do, however, wish people would understand that because of the "Clinton Catastrophy" these terrorists had 8 years of growth. Bill Clinton allowed this to happen, and Bush has been left to clean up the mess - although he is not doing a great job of things. Did you know that one of the highjackers on 9-11 was a prisoner that Clinton pardoned as he left office? Never hear about that one, huh? We should have been in Irag within 2 days, taken care of things, and been out. Unfortunately, however much we want to think the President has total control, it is the United Nations that would not let us. Just my opinions and facts as I know them! **A wife of a veteran**