Thursday, August 11, 2005

Last Night's Cindy Vigil

I live in one of the nation's smaller state capitals, yet in less than 24 hours two of us in the local chapter of Veterans for Peace were able to marshal more than 40 individuals for a Cindy Vigil last night. We were met with tremendous enthusiasm, honks and waves, and thumbs up from the vast majority of the occupants of the vehicles that passed us by. And only a couple of replicas of the First Finger, but as my buddy Robb said, "If I'm not pissing off the rightwing, then I'm not doing my job!"

Congrats to our fellow members of Veterans for Peace who showed up in droves with rapidly created homemade signs, as well as the other members of the progressive community in our city who came at the drop of a hat, so to speak, to support Cindy Sheehan.

From the looks of it, the bastards backed down on their threats to arrest Cindy today.

Last night someone asked if I thought they were stupid enough to actually do it, knowing the public relations nightmare it would be. I said that unfortunately, as insane as it sounds to us in the Reality-Based Community, the radical right and their minions in the Bush Maladministration don't seem to have a clue as to what things will look like. Not to the rest of the world, not to us at home, and not to the angels in heaven. And they don't seem to care.

So I am glad to see that someone finally convinced the evil bastards that it would really harm their already shattered and feces-covered image even more if they were responsible for the arrest and jailing of the mother of an Iraq War murder victim.

Maybe they didn't want the 21st Century version of MLK's Letter from a Birmingham Jail. I already heard on the Randi Rhodes show today that an African-American preacher called Cindy the first Rosa Parks of the 21st Century.

Keep up the fight, Cindy. I'd be there with you if I could get away.


Anonymous said...

Dude, Cindy Trumped BUSH on GOOGLE NEWS TODAY! YEP she was in the number two article spot with this from the telegraph.

Part of what they said...

Brush-off for mother in war protest
By Francis Harris in Washington
(Filed: 12/08/2005)

A bereaved mother camped outside George W Bush's Texas ranch was given expressions of sympathy from the president yesterday but no pledge of the meeting she is demanding to discuss a US withdrawal from Iraq.

BOHICA said...

VFP 72 here.
We are holding a daily vigil in Portland, Oregon everyday until this is resolved. It is amazing how many people have responded to our call to stand in support of Cindy. We are in day six and have had some news coverage but not much. Our VP flew down to Crawford Wednesday and has been taking pictures and video of the happenings. Can't wait for his after action report when he gets back on Tuesday.
Wage peace brother, because war is obsolete.