Thursday, August 25, 2005

Kudos to the LA Times

In all the excitement, most of the MSM/SCLM have pretty much forgotten about the whole Valeria Plame incident.

Not the LA Times. Today they ran a lengthy analysis with a lot of historical perspective.

Maybe the media IS finally growing a pair of balls.

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Anonymous said...

You should be a journalist, you write better than 99% of them. I was born in Los Angeles, remember when there was actually an INDEPENDENT MEDIA, like the Free Press newspaper. Where the hell are Woodward and Bernstein? Thought Olbermann showed promise, but then he tried to trash Cindy, during his interview with her. What do you expect from a former sports writer. Oops. Anyway, you write RINGS AROUND THE SO CALLED MEDIA. Keep up the good work. Hope I am not annoying you, lol. Sorry, just find what you write to be very interesting. Pacific