Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Moral Victory

Paul Hackett got 54,401 votes to Jean Schmidt's 57,974 (story).

Although he lost the election, he showed Repugnicans that we won't give up a single congressional seat without a fight, and the margin of victory for his Thug opponent was WAY smaller than it should have been, given that Ohio-2 went for The Smirking Chimp in a big way just last fall.

She should have won it in a walk, but she didn't. It took a half a million dollars of Repugnican cash infused into the election in the last week, cash that the Party didn't count on spending, to win this election for the Party of Treason.

I hope we see more of Paul Hackett in the near future. He's the kind of Democrat we need to get our party back on the track and back into power.

Congratulations to Paul for a hard-fought battle.

Keep on swinging everybody, there's another election just next year.


Anonymous said...

Two choices

Anonymous said...

Could it be that this state does not have many VA benefits in it? Why such a few small number that is terrified of life without war?