Thursday, August 04, 2005

Two Fort Hood Iraq War Veterans Kill Themselves

In yet another of what promises to be a long string of PTSD tragedies, two young soldiers took their own lives in separate incidents at Fort Hood, Texas, over the weekend.

This is more collateral damage from an evil war started by lies and continued by greed and arrogance.

Mr Bush and Congress: Stop the war, fully fund VA health care, and bring our troops home. Now. It isn't worth it. It really isn't.

Never mind, I know the fuckers aren't listening. So now we have to do it ourselves. Take it to the streets. I'm not too old yet to do it, and neither are you.

I'll be in Washington DC on Septermber 24. Will you?

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W. Robb Graham said...

Philadelphia VA Found Responsible for Improperly Releasing Psych Patient Who Shot and Killed His Two Children

Lat week a Federal Judge found that the VA was responsible for the tragic shooting death of two children. The children were killed by their father who had a long history of psychiatric problems. The VA improperly released the veteran, who promptly went home and shot his two children to death. More troubling than the lack of proper treatment, is the fact that the Judge found that the VA’s doctors changed their testimony at trial, in order to avoid responsibility for these deaths. The level of care and the treatment that this veteran received is not a good omen for those who will return from OEF and need care from the VA. The opinion can be found on