Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Swift Boating of Cindy Sheehan

Frank Rich andPaul Krugman are just about the last two people working for the New York Whore Times who are worth a shit; today Frank wrote an excellent story on what the wingnut attack-dog revenge machine is trying to do to Cindy Sheehan.


Mr. Bush's stand-up shtick for the Beltway press corps wasn't some aberration; it was part of the White House's political plan for keeping the home front cool. America was to yuk it up, party on and spend its tax cuts heedlessly while the sacrifice of an inadequately manned all-volunteer army in Iraq was kept out of most Americans' sight and minds. This is why the Pentagon issued a directive at the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom forbidding news coverage of "deceased military personnel returning to or departing from" air bases. It's why Mr. Bush, unlike Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter, has not attended funeral services for the military dead. It's why January's presidential inauguration, though nominally dedicated to the troops, was a gilded $40 million jamboree at which the word Iraq was banished from the Inaugural Address.
Read the entire story on the always-worthy Media Channel website.

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Anonymous said...

Ok. All I can say is, DAMN BUSH. DAMN HIM TO HELL. I can be hauled off to Gitmo, for saying this, but I HATE BUSH. He has destroyed this country, he is on the verge of getting our asses nuked, WHAT PART OF THAT DO HIS LOVERS NOT GET. IMPEACH HIM. IMPEACH HIM. GET HIM OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE.