Thursday, August 18, 2005

Last Night's Peace Vigil

Nearly 350 individuals showed up for last night's candelight peace vigil here in the capital city where I live. The ages ranged from infants in arms to ancient, doddering, wobbly veterans of WWII who nevertheless were able to stand with candles for over an hour to honor Cindy Sheehan and to be silent witnesses for peace.

It was very moving when the sun went down and it got progressively darker, and the candles became progressively brighter. At one point a man near me started singing in a clear deep voice, "Give Peace a Chance" -- it was taken up by the multitudes around me, most of them on-key, but at least one off key (me).

There were only two or three Baby Doc First Finger salutes and shouted pro-war slogans from local-yokel morons driving by -- and they ironically belonged to young men who, in a just world, would be in Iraq giving physical support to the war that they so vocally and gesturally support at home.

Fuck 'em. This peace movement is a growing movement, and it will only get bigger and bigger until we stop the killing in Iraq, bring our troops home, and get the evil ratfucks in the Bush Crime Family out of the White House and into the jail house.

Join with us on September 24th in Washington DC.

If you can't make it to DC, find a peace demonstration in your town. If you can't find one, start one.

End the war. Now.