Sunday, August 28, 2005

When Faux News Turns Malevolent

Like everyone else with half a brain and a sense of fun, I like to mock Fox News. They are so fucking inept and idiotic that it's like shooting fish in a barrel, but it's cheap entertainment. Every day I take a look at the latest on Media Matters and Newshounds to see what the lame-assed faux pundits on Faux News have been distorting.

But all of a sudden they aren't so laughable any more. Not when they ruin the lives of ordinary people and can't even be bothered to apologize for it.

According to an LA Times story, Fox News Moron John Loftus identified an address in La Habra as being the home of a terrorist.

Only problem was that the alleged terrorist, one Iyad K. Hilal, hadn't lived at the home for over three years. Hilal, a grocery store owner, by the way, has not been charged with any crimes and is not under arrest.

Instead the Voricks, a middle-class non-Middle-Eastern couple who bought the house three years ago and have lived there since, are now living in fear. They have been subjected to unbelievable harrassment -- drivers shouting profanities at them, people stopping to photograph the house, and most recently the spray-painting of the word "Terrist" on the side of the house.

Whatever that is supposed to mean -- business as usual for the KKK knuckledraggers, who still haven't learned how to spell. Or think.

Okay, so back to Loftus. This asshole is a former federal prosecutor who should really know better. And back when "journalist" was a respected profession and those who practiced it had a modicum of self-respect and discipline, a quaint little exercise called "fact checking" would work wonders towards avoiding this kind of fuckup.

Oh, and no on-air apology. However, Faux News did issue a statement of regret, and Limpdick Loftus is on record as saying "mistakes happen".

Mistakes happen. Got that? They happen all by themselves, without human interference. Jesus, what a fucking weasel. The next time I get pulled over by the State Patrol when I'm going 85 in a 55, all I need to tell the cop is that "crimes happen". That looks like a sure-fire "get out of jail free" card to me.

Apparently it worked for Loftus. No reprimand, no suspension. And not even an on-air apology.

Like we needed any more reasons not to watch the lying fascist apologists for the Baby Doc regime.


Update! I just from learned from CNN that Loftus has been fired! Maybe there is a god after all...

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