Tuesday, January 31, 2006

State of the Union? For Veterans, it's Fucked Up

Congressman Lane Evans (D-IL), the senior Democrat on the House Veterans' Affairs Committee, today issued a lengthy statement in advance of The Chimperor's State of the Union Empire address tonight.

In that statement, he takes the Baby Doc Maladministration severely to task for its absolutely appalling record on veterans' issues:

It is disgraceful that year after year veterans, hats in hand, must beg for an adequate budget from the White House and GOP-controlled Congress.
The President’s budget requests have not kept pace with health care demand, as evidenced in part by continuing unacceptably long waiting times for thousands of veterans to receive a medical appointment.
The President denied access to more than 260,000 veterans who sought VA care in fiscal year 2005 and upwards of a half million in the last two years, solely as a cost-cutting measure.
The President’s pattern and practice of shortchanging veterans led to a fiscal year 2005 VA health care shortfall of $1.5 billion and fiscal year 2006 budget shortfall of $1.97 billion. After months of repeated warnings by Democrats and veterans’ advocates that the VA faced a dangerous funding shortfall, the Administration during the summer of 2005 begrudgingly acknowledged that these warnings were accurate and that it lacked the funds to adequately meet the health care needs of our veterans.
And that's just scratching the surface. Read his entire statement and then all of you oxymoronically-self-described Republican veterans out there (and that includes you, Chickenshit Charlie), tell me where he is wrong!

Tell me, Republican veterans, why you continue, in total denial of your own self-interests and those of your brothers-in-arms, to blindly, foolishly and stupidly support an administration that is systematcally dismantling all of the protections that you and me and our fellow veterans have been promised in exchange for putting our lives on the line for our country?

Tell me why you continue to suck up to this amoral flock of arrogant Chickenhawks, this effete corps of impudent snobs, this contemptuous pack of haughty assholes who hate the military, hate veterans, hate you, and who seem to enjoy, to relish victimizing your fellow veterans?

Just tell me.


drainbamage said...

Did he mention VA benfits? I had to go puke and missed most of the GODAMN thing

drainbamage said...

Mike Moore has a letter from Cindy Sheehan about her arrest on his website.http://www.michaelmoore.com/mustread/index_594.html

Oh BTW they let a dog stay. Didn't see any cats...

republican vet said...

Lol, your opinions are different. Why else do we stand on the opposite side of the fence? And if war time makes someone a chickenshit to another veteran, you Sir, are posing as nothing more than someone who needs a handout.

I'm proud of myself but you can go ahead and make yourself feel better by trying to degrade my service. I know your type.

But the fact remains, the only veterans pissed about Bush are libertard veterans who don't comprehend policy.

By the way, thanks for the publicity. Most people think it rocks when you have a libertard's panties in a wad with them calling you names and frantically writing posts about you. Keep up the plug.

Farnsworth said...

Hey, Chickenshit Charlie! Welcome back, dude.
I thought you had left me behind. I thought you were giving me the last word to appease my jealousy and rage for you.
Ah, but I knew all along that you just couldn't stay away. BTW back at you, don't thank me -- I am glad to give you the publicity. The more people who see that you and your ilk are incapable of independent thought and rational judgment, the better off both of us will be.
So, my little blog-buddy, now that you're back, why don't you answer my questions?
Why don't you tell me where Evans is wrong?
Which of his points is incorrect?
Where is he lying to the American people?
What facts presented here are wrong?
Why can't you articulate even one cogent argument to rebut any of the serious charges in Evans' commentary?
It's because you can't. Is that it?
You can only spew incoherent invective?
So, Charlie -- one simple question: Since you seem to be the expert in comprehending policy, how can you justify giving a permanent tax cut to the richest 2% of all the people in this nation in a time of war (a war that is edging towards a half a trillion dollars in costs), and especially how can you justify that tax cut when the Veterans Administration has been cut to the bone in veterans services, and especially in veterans health care?
How can you do it? What is the possible "policy" justification for that? What is the justification for ignoring the needs of the severely wounded coming back from Iraq? What is the policy justification for a ONE BILLION dollar shortfall in the VA health care budget?
And don't try to deny that it happened. You know it did.
Why do you continue to support an administration that would do that to American veterans?
Just tell me that.

Farnsworth said...

Well, here it is, five whole days later and Chickenshit Charlie won't answer my questions.
I think I scared the little fucker off. I didn't really mean to do that. I thought that he'd really have an answer to those questions.
I really did -- NOT.
So here's an object lesson for the rest of us in Left Blogistan: They are schoolyard bullies who cower and run away, whimpering like the wimpy-assed shaky-kneed pants-wetting cowards they really, are whenever anyone stands up to them.
So, Chickenshit Charlie, I know you're still reading this blog. How about it? When are you going to answer my questions?
[silence, chirping crickets]
Yeah, uh-huh.

Anonymous said...

i'm 100% disable from the viet-nam war. we are falling behind in va comp.monthly payments. it's not enough to have a little cost of living raise, they need to double the monthly compensation pay for veterans. (this year 2006) thank you. hopperdale@hotmail.com

jgootee said...

Well I am a disabled Veteran from this era and I dont know what to do with myself. Ive been out since May07 havent found a job(or gotten any call backs) Ive been from Fla all the way up the east coast to New Jersey. I get my monthly compensation but that is nowhere near enough money to do anything with. I go from couch to couch just doing whatever. What are we supposed to do?

Anonymous said...

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