Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Now We're Scared of...Quakers???

Steve Gilliard over at The News Blog has the unsettling details on a case out of Baltimore where the NSA actually admitted -- in court -- that they had mounted a massive spying effort on a peace group.

A Quaker peace group, at that. I guess you just can't trust those non-violent types. They are just SOOOO fucking likely to go all Timothy McVeigh on us and the next thing you know those so-called "Friends" are your sworn enemies, evil incarnate, ready to choke you to death on their insidious oatmeal.

Jesus Christ, this is just too much. Now I suppose all of us who are active in various peace groups will start looking a little more skeptically at that new guy who doesn't say much but who looks like his bowtie is really a camera, a little more cautious towards that ancient granny in the muu-muu who just might have a copy of Masters of Deceit, with that Junior G-Man built-in voice recorder, stashed away under her hand-knitted shawl.

And that's exactly what they want us to do. They want us to get paranoid and start suspecting those around us. It'll take the heat and the focus off of them, so they can blithely go about their evil business of Empire.

Don't fall for it. Paranoia will destroy ya, in the words of the song. Let's all stay focused. All of the groups I belong to are open and transparent (like the Quakers). If the Gestapo motherfuckers want to go double-oh-seven and spy on something that they could see anyway, just by walking by, let 'em.


Elizabeth Green said...

You go, OPOV!!! I love the line about the insidious oatmeal. Every day I wake up and feel more & more like I am living in Nazi Germany.

RJB said...

I'm not sure that this is as egregious an abuse of power as RAW STORY wants us to believe. The documents relate to protests on the actual grounds of the NSA's campus itself and are primarily the sort of police reports one would expect from NSA police/security forces when faced with protest activity on the grounds of their facility.

I am outraged by NSA spying on my phone calls, but for NSA security personnel to be watching protestors on their own grounds, I'm not sure anybody was really spying on the Quakers.

Boomer's Child said...

From one pissed off veteran to another, if more people like you (and me) get involved in what is really going on in America today, we could have our country back. Keep on keeping on and so will I. Some sites you might like:

drainbamage said...


What kind of a nut are you? Did you bother to read the article? Or like shrub boy you just don't get it? Try this part on for size and tell me why they staked them out before the protest?

it said...
According to an NSA email dated July 4, 2004, the agency collected license numbers and descriptions and the number of people in each car and filed a report about them gathering in a church parking lot for the demonstration. NSA agents also logged their travel to the demonstration, including stopping as a gas station along the way. A canine dog unit was used to search a minivan when it was stopped on the way to the demonstration - nothing was found.

Parking lot before demonstration at church.

Gas station

Dog searches

nothing fucking strange going on here just normal security report?


PS escholon has been watching your phone calls for decades, why get upset now? Or do you make a lot of calls to IRAQ?