Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Barbie Promotes "Gender Confusion"?

Jesus, what the religious right won't sink to. First it was Tinky Wink, Lenny the Shark and Sponge Bob who were pushing the "gay agenda" off onto our children. Now it's, of all toys, Barbie!

Yes, Barbie, kids. That icon of big hair and bigger boobs is actually a conscious agent of the homosexual conspiracy. Seems that an outfit called Concerned Women for America is up in arms because the Barbie website asks visitors their gender, with the choices being "I am a girl", "I am a boy", and -- here's the kicker -- "I don't know".

That's it. Obviously that promotes something called "gender confusion" -- which leads to bisexuality which leads to homosexuality and the next thing you know your little pigtailed darling is blowing up the grade school, taking the principal hostage and heading to the tower to burn a flag while at the same time killing everyone in sight.

Jesus, people. We have real problems facing this nation. If these women are so fucking concerned about America, maybe they should focus on the real problems -- poverty, racism, fascism, hunger, etc etc etc.

Thanks to AmericaBlog for this story.


Fourth pew, center said...

Reminds me of a NOW convention once held in my home town. High drop-out rate; battered women's shelter half the size it needed to be; people living under overpasses -- and what was the ONE issue important enough for NOW to picket?

Hooters. I kid you not. They protested Hooters.

Anonymous said...

And we wonder why the Left can't win an election...

merlallen said...

I visited their website and wrote them an email where I suggested they might be more comfortable living somewhere like Iran or Saudi Arabia.
Let's hope they take my advice.

Elizabeth Green said...

I am with you on this one. Actually, I have thought this was pretty stupid since the days of Tinky Winky, but Barbie--come on. I have to admit it's pretty dumb for the Barbie people to have an "I don't know" choice, but the Christian right needs to get over it. As I have been saying, if they have time for stuff like this, they have too much time on their hands. They need to try getting jobs.