Monday, January 09, 2006

What the Fuck???

Wow, here's one that flew under the radar. Last week Baby Doc signed a bill that makes "annoying" someone on the Internet a federal crime if you don't disclose your "true identity"...

I guess that makes me in violation of the law. You all have probably guessed that "Farnsworth" isn't really my name. On the other hand the more astute readers of this blog (i.e. Democrats and other liberals, who are smarter than the knuckledraggers in the GOP) have likely already figured out my "true identity" -- I haven't taken any great pains to hide it.

C|net News has details on this travesty. So I guess all of you "anonymous" posters to this blog and others are in deep shit as well, if your purpose was to annoy.

Yeah, so I guess I'll be tracking your ass down. Just as soon as I get back from Gitmo, since a big part of the reason why I started this blog in the first place was to be an annoyance to the Repugnican assholes running this sorry excuse for a government.

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JBlue said...

For one thing, so many people are "innocently" annoying. They don't mean to be; they just can't help it. (And they're all related to me.)

For another thing, why can't we do anything about those people who are annoying in PERSON? I'd much rather be annoyed via internet than face-to-face.

AND, Shrub annoys me on TV all the time, and I'm a helpless victim unless I can find the remote or get up and walk over there and turn that fecker off.... Nobody's stopping that.