Friday, January 27, 2006

No Win Situation for Baby Doc

It's obviously no way out for The Chimperor and those pesky photos of him with Abramoff that he refuses to release. He says he won't give 'em up because he doesn't want them used "for political reasons" -- which is evidently, then, not the reason those photos were taken in the first place...

So, if he doesn't release them, it's ammunition for those liberal media assholes who are so obviously out to get him, with their ludicrous demands for the people's right to know, and their unprecedented demands for public access to public documents.

If he does release them, then it's red meat for the rightwing religious zealots who would be shocked -- shocked -- to see those compromising photos -- which of course do not exist -- of the Monkey Boy with Abramoff's circumcized Blunt Boener stuck so far up his Cheney that his tonsils are brown.

No wonder he's in complete denial: "I don't know him", he says, without a single trace of personal embarrassment sticking to his imitation-leather shitlicker boots.

Like I say, it's no win for Baby Doc. Kinda feel sorry for the little fucker, doncha now?

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C. Jeffreys said...

Surely someone from texas can put the prez and abramoff together at a bar-b-q or something. We know that a friend of Tommy boys is a friend of the prez.