Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A Third Term for Baby Doc?

Yeah, it's a nightmare scenario for sure, but isn't it kind of ... unrealistic? Wouldn't it actually take a constitutional amendment to overturn those provisions of the 22nd Amendment which says that a person can be elected president no more than two times? That's something the right wing has been talking about since the Reagan Administration; there was actually a bill, HJ Resolution 24 introduced a year ago (by a Democrat, but that's another issue for another day) to do that very thing.

But maybe they won't have to go to all that hard work. After all, we on the left have been harping on it for five years now: the 2000 election was a fraud, it was illegal, Bush was not elected to the office, he was appointed to it by the Supreme Court, etc. etc.

Appointed by the Supreme Court? Hmmmm... Not "elected", appointed!

Jesus, it would be so like those motherfuckers to turn our own arguments back on us, with all those ju jitsu street fighting crotch-kicking political tactics they've honed over the years, and suddenly agree with us: "Whoops, my bad. You were right, we were wrong. Bush wasn't 'elected' in 2000."

If he's been "elected" only once, there's nothing to stop him from running for another term in 2008. Congress? Don't make me laugh. The BFEE lackeys on the Supreme Court? Yeah, like they'd stand up to him: "Nope, nothing more to see here. Move along, move along."

Remember, you saw it here first.


rightwingnut said...

Why not it is an old tradition of dictators... to suspend the constitution!

Freedom of speech has been defined indirectly by Cindy Sheehan!

"Just wearing a T-shirt is not unlawful," Gainer said. Wearing a
T-shirt and engaging in actions meant to draw attention to the shirt is against the law, he said, but neither woman was doing so.

So I can have a shirt that says "SUCK MY TWAT" and as long as I sit there quietly doing my work, nobody can say or do a damn thing?

Sweet Jesus the GODAMN Libs are taking over this poor world!

It should be amended to no more than two terms in a row.

BTW Bushmaster was never elected, why do you think we spend more money on Military and Civilian intelligence than the rest of the world when our population is maybe 10% of the world? Cause we are staying safe from others, or to make everybody the puppets of the corporations. GODAMN Corporations!

Well at least we will be safe from Iran and Korea! GODAMN AXIS OF EVIL!

merlallen said...

could clinton run again? that would be sweet, beating both bushes.

Puma said...

Yes, us libs are taking over the world. Ever Heard Of Jeffrey Dean?