Saturday, January 28, 2006

British Royals and the Military--Setting an Example

The British Royal Family, unlike the Bush family, has a long tradition of proud military service going back centuries.

Most recently, Prince Andrew, younger brother of Charles, the Prince of Wales and third in line for the throne, was a combat helicopter pilot in La Guerra de Las Malvinas (aka the 1982 Falklands War), Prince William, heir to the throne, has entered Sandhurst (Britain's equivalent to West Point), and little brother Prince Harry graduates from there in April with a commission as a cavalry lieutenant. He very well could be sent to Iraq as a regular member of the regiment he is joining, which is scheduled for deployment.

The princes are setting a sterling example for their nation, and for their relative counterparts over here across the pond, the twin princess daughters of King George.

So how's that shit, Jenna and Not-Jenna? You're not gonna let a couple of wimpy-assed cheddar-eating warm-beer-drinking funny-talking effete English royal snobs show you up, are you? Enlist now. Recruiters are standing by at


13 Fox said...

Lol, Bush's family has a long history of honorable military service. Read a history book, fool.

And wasn't W's discharge "Honorable?" DOn't you think if he did something bad enough it wouldn't have been honorable? Oh, now hit me with the ignorant, liberal rhetoric that "his daddy got him the discharge."

Prove something here. Prove his service wasn't honorable. And how in the blue hell can you be a veteran while knocking someone else's military service? You're better than Bush? It's cool to crack on the President who has honorable military service because you're an old pissed off has-been who has your head in your ass about politics so you degrade your fellow veterans' service?

I'll bust your balls any time of the day pardner, but I'll never resort to degrading your service to this country. Veterans don't do that to each other, so that tells me one of 2 things about you. Either you don't comprehend that because you didn't serve, or you did serve but your political misfortunes have your head too twisted up to respect other veterans.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about the British "Royals" and how they ALWAYS serve in the military. (Then) Princess Elizabeth drove an ambulance in London, during the Blitz. I lived in the UK for awhile, and learned that if nothing else, the citizens respect the "Royals" for always serving in the Armed Forces. I am just going to ignore Repub. Vet. Rock on, Farnsworth.

Farnsworth said...

I don't call bailing out of an airplane when you were the pilot, and leaving two of your crew to drown, "honorable" military service.
Who else in the Bush family was ever in the military service? Where's that long history going back centuries? Identify that "history book" you want me to read. Fool.
You really are a moron freeper, aren't you. You ask me how I can be a veteran while knocking someone else's service, and yet, bigger than shit on that waste of space blog of yours, you attack John Kerry's service.
You also attack mine and Al Gore's in other of your posts to my blog.
You are a liar: "I'll never resort to degrading your service to this country-veterans don't do that to each other." Look at your other posts to this blog, dickhead, and tell me that statement passes the straight-face test.
So how can you justify this rank and stinking hypocrisy?
You can't, and that's why you think you're such a big shot, parading your swollen ego around other people's blogs because you're such a big time Navy veteran.
So Bush got an honorable discharge? Like THAT means something? John Muhammed got an honorable discharge even after being court-martialed on numerous charges. Fuck, they even gave me one.
The real question -- and you know it -- with Bush's honorable discharge is not that he GOT it. It's this: Did he deserve it?
The answer clearly is that he did not. He failed to fulfill his service obligations -- he failed to take a scheduled flight physical and was subsequently grounded, and he failed to show up in Alabama when he was supposed to. Not one credible witness has come forward to verify that Bush attended the required guard drills while he was in that state. Not one. And no one has claimed the over $10,000 in reward money still waiting to be awared the person who can prove that he was there.
He signed documents stating that he would perform his reserve obligation or he would be called to active duty. Neither happened.
Of course I know that none of these facts are going to matter to you at all. You've already swilled the Koolaid to the point that you are incapable of thinking rationally about the lying little fucker.
I'll bet that there isn't one single thing the little dictator could do that would turn you against him, is there?
If he fucked your mama in the ass while he made your sister lick his balls, you'd find a way to justify that in your own mind: "But he's the president, and we have to support him, regardless of whatever he does. If the president does it, it's not a crime."
I'll bet you $10,000 cash that you never said that about Bill Clinton, did you?
Hypocrite. Liar. Moron.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Bill Clinton, what did he do during the war?