Saturday, January 28, 2006

Stop Alito Now!

It's not too late -- contact your senator and let him or her know that you support the filibuster. Even politicians will listen if enough of their constituents speak up.

I've tried contacting my senators and their voice mail boxes are full, so I've sent them emails. I'll be calling them again starting at 9:00 AM EST on Monday.

After you've contacted your own senator, head on over to and check out their Alito 48 page -- they have a list of senators who are still waffling. It wouldn't hurt to contact them as well, even if you are not in their states.

You might want to bookmark/add to favorites that Alito 48 page -- Bob Fertik will be updating it all weekend with news, more action items, etc.

Let's make this happen!


13 Fox said...

Lol, I can't wait til Tuesday when he's confirmed. Maybe it'll shut you old pissed off morons who act like anger is the only way to go in life.

You wanna seem tough and hard because you're a "pissed off vietnam vet." Who gives a shit. You look like a moron who never grew up and can't live down the past. You can be pissed off at whomever you'd like but your political image is taking a shattering blow because you're a loose cannon. Happy trails, Charlie.

Farnsworth said...

I have two rules here:
1. I don't respond to anonymous lurking freepers -- activate your blogger profile so I can see who you are and I might respond, if it doesn't violate rule #2:
2. I refuse to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed man.

So go fuck yourself, Mr Charlie Republican Vet. Come back when you're tired of hiding in the shadows and you want to engage in a reasonable argument without spewing a feeble string of weak-kneed limp-dick insults.

But I'm betting you won't do it. People like you never do. Chickenshit asshole.

13 Fox said...

Lol, you're serious. That's what makes this so funny. Your little words don't scare me, I'm not unarmed, lol, and I don't have any shadows, fuckface. Try clicking on all the comments I made.

WAAAAAAH!!! Pissed of Charlie can't see my profile!!!!! WAAAAAAAAH!

13 Fox said...

Chickenshit asshole, lol. So, how was your photography tour with algore in Vietnam?

You're seriously a moron. You've been annihilated on your own turf and all you can say is I'm a chickenshit asshole? Lol, that's a pretty strong case you've made.

Farnsworth said...

THAT's the best you can do?
I don't have time for little people like you, Chickenshit Charlie.
You don't want to debate, you don't even want to fight.
You just want to call me names. Not even names, really, more like schoolyard taunts. Like calling me "gay" because I have cats.
You must have been in the Navy.

13 Fox said...

Lol, the Navy. I definitely was but the Army is where the gays are.

Anywho, I can tell you're as illiterate as you are challenged to be original. You call me the names I call you? That's pathetic, Charlie. And you're a hypocrite. You don't have time for people who annihilate you on your own turf, yet you do what you say you have no time for.

You've conceded defeat.

Farnsworth said...

Oh, Repug Vet Charlie, your lips say no-no-no but your eyes say yes-yes-yes.
You can be in denial about all you want -- and how is it in that closet anyway?
All the gays were in the Army, huh?
You probably aren't old enough or smart enough to recall the 70s disco group The Village People, but two of their hits were YMCA and In the Navy.
The Village People were proudly gay. And just guess what those two songs are about.
Give up?
They are about two of the best places for gay men to meet other gay men.
Smoke that, Navy boy.

Farnsworth said...

I just love hearing from lameass Texas assholes that can't even tie their own shoelaces. That's why they wear those shitlicker boots.
All hat, no cattle. I'll be that's you, Navy Boy.
Republican vet? That's like saying Jewish Nazi. No self-respecting veteran can look at what Baby Doc has done to veterans and come away supporting him. You must hate yourself.
A veteran voting Republican is like a chicken voting for Col. Sanders. I'd actually feel sorry for you, but I can't be bothered. I have other people to be worried about, like the surviving family members of the 2242 dead Americans who gave up their lives for NOTHING.
So, Navy Boy, if you support this war so much, why aren't YOU back in uniform?

republican vet said...

Suck it, Charlie! Come see me on my turf, we're victorious, yet again.

More than a dozen Senate Democrats supported ending debate on Samuel Alito Monday, setting up a final confirmation vote for the Supreme Court nominee on Tuesday morning.

On a 72-25 vote, senators succeeded in passing the 60-vote threshold to prevent a filibuster and allow a simple majority vote Tuesday. Seventeen Democrats joined Republicans to end debate, though many of them oppose Alito's nomination. At least 57 senators have said publicly they will vote for the nominee.

Farnsworth said...

Go ahead and crow about it, dude. You deserve it. Jesus, I'd almost believe that YOU had something to do with it.
So when are you going to answer some of those questions I asked you here and here?
And when are you going back into uniform so you can go fight in this immoral war that you so strongly support?
How many of your children are in Iraq?
How many of your sibling's children? Grandchildren?
I'm willing to say not many -- maybe one at the most, probably little Butch the cross-dresser, whose career as a dog maimer was short by an overactive recruiter down at the Kwik-e-Go who signed him up for duty at Abu Grahib.
Why aren't the rest of them in uniform? Not sufficiently patriotic enough? Hey, if it's good enough for OUR sons and daughters, how about yours? How about Bush's? How about the children and grandchildren of nearly every member of Congress? Of every member of Bush's cabinet?
How about that shit, Mister Repug vet Chickenshit Charlie?