Monday, January 16, 2006

Even "Uncle Walter"?

In a statement so eerily reminiscent of his 1968 call for the end of the Vietnam War, Walter Cronkite, for several generations the most trusted name in television news, has called for an American withdrawal from Iraq.

Now 89 and slowing down -- but still going strong where it counts -- Cronkite has added his voice to those of us who have been calling for an end to the Iraq misadventure in empire-building.

Because of his still olympic status as the dean of the world's newsmen, Cronkite's word will have momentum and reverberation and resonance far beyond the limited audience of television critics.

Naturally, the SCLM/MSM and their lackeys on the right will call for his head on a platter, and the old "Cronkite is a Communist" canards will be pulled out and dusted off.

But I hope that those cries will fall on deaf ears. To those of a certain age, Uncle Walter remains the conscience of the American media. Let's hope that this will be the start of a sea change, and the media will finally, at long last, admit that they have been buttfucked by an administration that cares about nothing except its own survival.

BTW, note that link above: It goes to a website in the UK -- we'll see if any of the SCLM/MSM have the balls to pick it up.