Friday, January 27, 2006

Two Days to Stop King George

Listen up, people. We have just two days to stop King George's court-packing scheme. Alito must not be confirmed.

Please contact your senators and tell them to support the filibuster. I don't give a shit if you're in a blue state or a red state, let them hear from you!

The more people who call and let them know how we feel, the more likely it is that those wavering fence-sitting mugwumps will finally come down on the side that stands for democracy and freedom. And those who still insist on wearing the Darth Cheney Imperial Storm Trooper uniform...well, they still need to hear from you, because every telephone call they receive telling them to support the filibuster represents one vote against them in the next election if they don't listen to you. After all, these fuckers work for us, and they had goddam well better represent our interests.


Anonymous said...

Maybe I should support the other side? I always seem to be on the losing side of politics, so maybe I should be a repub so the democrats can win?

drainbamage said...

Dude!!! ABC says there are enough rat bastards in the Democratic party to defeat Kerry's attempt to filibuster and that it is a done deal!

The end of the democratic party is what the done deal is now. A few of them have sold out the party yet once again.

Sold out twice, next it will be medical implants at birth! Oh, wait they already have those...

13 Fox said...

All I heard in this post was a bunch of crying and bitching and moaning.

Filibuster for what reason?

Because Bush appointed him and the libertards are pissed.