Friday, January 27, 2006

Constitutional Protection? It's Hard Work. Too Hard.

What is this, some kind of talking-points litany, some kind of leitmotif, for the entire Baby Doc Maladministration? We can't do it because it's "hard work"? That's what Torquemada Gonzales says is the reason why they haven't bothered to even try to get FISA court approval for all those warrantless wiretaps.

After listing a mind-numbing panoply of "difficulties" with doing the right (i.e., the legal, the Constitutional) thing, mostly involving annoyingly legalistic attorney types, Torquemada Boy summed it up with the complaint that "... and finally, as attorney general, I would have to be satisfied that the search meets the requirements of FISA."

Imagine that. He'd have to be satisfied that governmental actions meet the requirements of the law. Can't have that. We surely don't want the Attorney General of the United States -- the Top Cop of the USA -- to have to break a sweat, to have to actually do anything so he can be certain that those actions are -- gasp -- legal and Constitutional.

Yeah, looks like, bottom line, it's just too much of a fucking hassle having to adhere to those pesky and bothersome Constitutional protections. Just too much work. Hard work. After all, the Constitution is just a fucking goddamn piece of paper.

Plus, as Baby Doc himself says, "we don't want to tip off our enemies". Tip them off to fucking what? To the fact that we have a government of laws, that even the president is subject to the Constitution, that we are wiretapping conversations? That part they already know, Baby Doc.

Jesus, you'd think they'd at least try to come up with some justification that could pass the straight-face test, but it looks like they just don't give a shit. And that's the scary part.

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Drainbamage said...

Maybe shrub and co. should work the same hours as the Bolivian Government?
Very impressive changes Bolivia is making, I hope they make it work. Maybe we should force our Politicians to work the same hours at half pay?

Too much work? Shruby is on vacation all the time and complains about working too hard to obey the laws?

Maybe he should stop taking vacations to clear brush?
How much brush can a guy clear any how?
Hire somebody!!!

Save the tax paryers some damn money and pay somebody the federal minimum wage to clear the GODAMN BRUSH! and maybe he will have some damn time to obey the law?!?