Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Candidate Veterans in the Crosshairs

Last week's swiftboating of John Murtha was just the beginning. Of course we should have known that. It turns out that the website that first hosted this travesty is a wholly-owned subsidiary of wingnut media gadfly and fulltime asshole L. Brent Bozell -- yeah, big surprise there. Watch for more bullshit pretending to be news coming out of that slime factory -- sorry, Brent, if I want to get a whiff of wingnut media crap, I'll just watch Faux News.

Anyway, Helen Thomas (remember her, the little old lady that makes Baby Doc shit his pants in fear whenever he sees her?) has an excellent piece on veterans stepping into the crosshairs when they become political candidates.

The way 2006 is shaping up, it's going to be Swifties squared when it comes to that appalling political creature, the Democratic veteran. Let's all be prepeared to counter those lies and attacks that we know are coming, and do all we can do to elect those Democratic veterans across the country.


merlallen said...

The Democratics will be smeared by an outfit to be called "Unarmored Humvee Veterans for the Truth", The Republicans will all be awarded the Congressional.

Farnsworth said...

Thanks, Gus.