Tuesday, January 31, 2006

If it Quacks Like a Duck...

So what does this sound like a description of to you:

...a massive, warrantless domestic surveillance program implemented at the whim of the Chief Executive and his inner circle, and unimpeded by any oversight; the use of federal law enforcement agencies to spy on political opponents of the administration; an elaborate network of clandestine detention facilities designed to hold people indefinitely without charge or legal representation, and where suspects may be tortured and then, at the discretion of secret tribunals, executed; an executive branch of government that views the notion of checks and balances as a fusty anachronism, if not subversive; the fusion of federal and corporate power; and the monitoring of the reading habits of private citizens –- all of this done under the rationalizing rubric of national security.
Sounds like Nazi Germany in the 1930s as they were on their inexorable march to power. But the astute readers (and by that I mean liberals) of this blog will immediately recognize that this is actually an accurate description of the Bush Administration's actions since 2001.

This is an excerpt from a letter by Stephen Ducat that the New York Whore Times refused to print -- but you can read the whole thing on Buzzflash.


c. jeffreys army vet said...

Anyone that thinks they aren't spying on the dem party have got to be stupid. They have to try and keep the truth from all of us, just in case someone might have some information that could be used against the rep party in a election. There is nothing the white house will not do to keep tabs on anyone that doesn't go along with their thinking. I think they are spying on both sides of the congress, wouldn't that be a suprise to the rep congress. ha ha

republican vet said...

lol, losers.

how's that alito filibuster coming there, fucktard charlie?

didn't post about that today, huh?

i see you don't have the bugnuts to show your slant ewyed face on my turf.

i'll give you the last word to appease your jealousy and rage for me.

Farnsworth said...

WTF? "Slant-ewyed face"?
I can only assume that this is supposed to read "slant-eyed face". In which case, in addition to all the other counts against Chickenshit Charlie (including a notable inability to spell -- must be a product of that ole "faith-based" education), he is also a racist.
He is also, as we see here, a coward. A little tiny squealy pants-shitting craven coward who is afraid to engage in a debate on the real issues, who can't come up with a reasonable rebuttal to pretty much anything I've said in reply to him, who can only resort to puerile name-calling and schoolyard bully tactics, who can't stand up and fight like a man with someone who is his intellectual superior, who will pick up his ball and go home if things don't go his way.
He wants me to come over and play in his yard, where he can, I assume, have complete control of the conversation and delete any posts that might embarrass him or make him look more like the moron that he is.
I do not delete posts from this blog. If Repug morons like Chickenshit Charlie want to display their arrogant racist homophobic ignorance, I say bring it on.
Chickenshit Charlie knows he can't win a fair fight -- shit, he even knows he can't win any fight with me because he can't win against the truth.
Did I say arrogant racist homophobic ignorant moron? Hmmm, I guess there was really no need for me to be redundant -- he already said he was a Republican.

rightwingnut said...

Such a coward = republican vet, he won't comment on the issues of the day like... Vet benefits? Or maybe he is trying to get you to say something that will send you to getmo? Gotta getgo...

Elizabeth Green said...

Is it troll hunting season yet?