Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday Cat Blogging


republican vet said...

Nice and gay. Way to go, Vet.

Farnsworth said...

Now isn't this just so preciously typical of the blog-sniping knuckeldragging macho-pants wingnut morons from the far right?
Makes you kind of wonder if there's a little bit of psychological projection going on there, doesn't it?
Yep, I think my new good buddy Repug Vet has got hisself some o' them there deep-closet homo-sessual tennencies that he hasn't resolved. Is that why he's so afraid of gay people?
That's the only reason I can think of why he'd call me gay. He doesn't even know me, and if he did, I doubt whether he'd think that this kind of puerile schoolyard taunt could provoke me.
He must be a pimply-faced slack-jawed greasy-haired yellowshorts fifteen year old loser who couldn't get laid in a whorehouse if had had a thousand bucks clutched in his sweaty semen-stained hand -- in short, just the kind of person to call someone "gay" as an insult.
(falsetto voice): My oh my, I am just too mortified for words...

And I'll bet good money that he has not seen Brokeback Mountain. Yeah, gotta stay away from that stuff that pushes that evil "homosexual agenda". Being gay is contagious, you know. It wouldn't do to have his Ayatollah, Pat Robertson, see him come limping out of the Cineplex with a big boner.

Elizabeth Green said...

Go, POV. I think the cat picture is adorable. I used to have a cat that looks like the black and white one, and I always enjoy seeing your Friday catblog. As for you Republican Vet, your comment was totally inappropriate. Lots of people do cat blogs

republican vet said...

Lol, cat blogs. Hey Charlie, if you'll cool your old ass off and go back and read, I never called you gay. Your response was illogical, irrelevant and poorly executed.

Nice try, fartsworth.

"Hey I'm old. I'm pissed off. I took pictures with algore in vietnam but I act like I was the winner of it all. I'm old I'm pissed off. I've told more lies than people know. I'm old. I blog about cats because that's what old pissed off veterans do."

Farnsworth said...

Oh my, Repug Vet Charlie, I am SOOOO sorry I misinterpreted "Nice and gay" as you calling ME gay.
Obviously you were calling my CATS gay. They might have something to say about that, but they don't talk to morons either.
I stand corrected.
But you haven't responded to my post about you being so preciously in denial about your own homosexual proclivities, now have you, Navy boy?
All you can do is call me "old" -- Jesus, like it takes a genius to figure out that if I was in Vietnam, I am not a spring chicken.
And how was YOUR tour in Vietnam, Charlie? Oh, that's right. YOU were in the Navy. Getting your feet wet -- and god knows what else...