Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Swiftboating of John Murtha

It had to happen, I guess. A couple of wingnut assholes on a website called Cybercast News Service have hatched a long piece that calls into question Congressman Murtha's Purple Heart medals -- he wasn't entitled to them, blah blah blah, same old shit.

Cited as a source in this personal attack is a political foe of Murtha's from Pennsylvania, one Don Bailey (formerly a Democratic congressman and a fellow Vietnam vet who lost a primary election to Murtha -- no potential for personal revenge in this attack, no sir), who claims that in an emotional conversation on the floor of the House Murtha said that he did not deserve the medals.

I guess it's one thing when a Democrat says that he didn't deserve his Purple Heart, and something else entirely when a Repugnican does it: None other than Bob Dole made the same claim for his first Purple Heart award, and where was the hue and cry from the hypocritical motherfuckers on the right? No where, that's where. They were strangely silent on that issue. Imagine that.

Well, it's obvious to me that these two chickenhawk pricks have never spent any time around decorated combat veterans. Many of those veterans also feel that they didn't "deserve" their medals, and many will admit it in an "emotional conversation".

I personally heard fellow Vietnam vet Paul "Buddy" Bucha, who was awarded the Medal of Honor, say essentially the same thing last year, also in an "emotional conversation". He said that as a company commander he fucked up and got some of his men killed, and the Army gave him a medal for it. He now carries it around in his pocket as a constant reminder of what he did to those he calls "my boys".

But watch for the rightwing noise machine to pick up on this Murtha Swiftboating story and spread it far and wide to the Moron-Americans who listen to Limbaugh and Hannity and Savage and all the rest of their ilk who continue to pollute the public airwaves with their obnoxious filth.

And watch the SCLM refuse to counter these lies. Just like the cowards they are.


JBlue said...

This pisses me off. Murtha responded at Huffington Post.

Bastards. Nothing is too low, it would appear.

Anonymous said...

I guess some things in the bible are true and evil is running free?