Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A Bush Bounce in the Polls

Looks like the Smirking Chimp got a little boost in the polls -- he's now up in the 40s somewhere depending on the pollster, from an all-time low of around 34 per cent.

Of course, those polls are being taken for the most part by telephone, so people might be thinking twice before they go on record with the NSA listening in that they don't like the job he's doing...

Funny thing, too, I've never been polled about what I think about him. I'll bet you haven't either. I woudn't mind telling the pollster a thing or two about the Monkey Boy -- and that's probably why they haven't asked me.

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Anonymous said...

They havent asked you because your district votes for the Dem's... You want your polls to show well you call people in the areas that favor your results; randomly.